El muro israelí en Cisjordania

Muro israelí de separación en Cisjordania, 2008

El muro israelí de separación en Cisjordania, en febrero de 2008, en un mapa de B’Tselem, The Israeli Information Center For Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

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  1. Let’s start with a little hirtosy. Palestine was never ever in the entire hirtosy an independant entity. It is a fabrication by the romans who conquered it from the jews. They changed it’s name in a cynical manner to remove any jewish claim to it. The new Palestinian movement started in the 1960 s and only took hold after the 1967 war. In that war which was initiated by aggression on the part of Egypt Jordon Syria and more arab countries. Israel defeated a force many times it’s own size and reconquered the occupied territories . The desputed land up until then was not Palestine, rather it was partially Jordon and Syria.

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